200% increase in cyber incidents in last 2 months in India

200% increase in cyber incidents in last 2 months in India

NEW DELHI [Maha Media]: Chief information security officer in the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Gulshan Rai, Yesterday said that there has been a 200 per cent rise in cyber incidents in the country in the last two months, but those cannot be blamed on Chinese actors. While speaking during an interaction organised by payments company EPS in Mumbai, he said a shift in the service sector to work from home  due to COVID-19 lockdown has heightened the incidents. He said people are increasingly downloading unverified apps that lack security features.

Mr Rai said there are dedicated agencies which are monitoring the situation and also preventing the attacks. He urged people to be extremely cautious about what they download and stick to verified applications only.

To a question on reliance on Chinese products, he said China is a world leader in manufacturing and everyone buys from the country knowing that they are vulnerable. He said this is where Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call on self-reliance is crucial and added that other countries including America and European nations are also looking at ways of reducing dependence on China.

In cases of critical infrastructure like refineries and power plants, Mr.Rai said it is a blessing in disguise that many facilities in India are not connected to the wider internet but eventually efficiency needs will force them to get connected and there will be a need for better security at such facilities.

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