PM Modi calls for 'Janta curfew' on Sunday

PM Modi calls for 'Janta curfew' on Sunday

NEW DELHI [Maha Media]: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday made a fervent appeal to all Indians to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid getting infected by coronavirus, saying the world has never seen a danger as grave as this.

He called for 'Janta curfew' on March 22 from 7 am-9 pm, saying no citizen, barring those in essential services, should get out of house.

"Even World War I and II did not affect as many countries as coronavirus has done," Modi said in a national broadcast.Asking people to sacrifice "some weeks of yours, some time of yours", Modi said given that coronavirus has no cure yet, the only way to stay safe is to stay indoors.

"I request all people in country to get out of house only when it is extremely necessary, try and do all work from home," he said.

Traders across the country have decided to shut their businesses on Sunday, extending support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for a 'Janata Curfew' on that day in the wake of Coronavirus epidemic. Traders’ body – the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) - has said that all traders will keep their shops, businesses closed on Sunday in the wake PM Modi’s call for Janata Curfew from 7 AM to 9 PM.

The traders’ body has also urged the citizens to stay indoors to prevent spread of novel coronavirus. 

10 big things about PM Modi's Speech

1. 130 crore countrymen will have to take a pledge -PM Modi said that this is the time of crisis, we all need to fight it. He said that 130 crore countrymen will have to take a pledge that they will contribute to prevent this epidemic and perform their duties.

2. Janta curfew on 22 March -On this Sunday 22 March from 7 am to 9 pm, all countrymen will have to follow the Janta curfew. PM Modi said that it will be a curfew by the people, for the people and for the people.

3. Leave home only when necessary-Prime Minister Modi urged the people that people above the age of 65 should stay in their homes for a few weeks. Other should also go out when it is very important to do so.

4. Make people aware-Every person should call at least 10 people in the day and make them aware about the corona virus. Tell people about the public curfew. This curfew is for us only.

5. Avoid unnecessary gathering in hospitals-PM Modi said that routine checkup in hospitals should be avoided so that there is no unnecessary crowd in hospitals. He also advised not to have unnecessary surgery.

6. There is no shortage of essential commodities, the central government is taking steps -PM Modi assured the countrymen that the country should not lack milk, food, medicines, such essential things necessary for life, for this, the Center The government is constantly taking steps. He appealed people not to unnecessarily collect items in the house.

7. Government is taking care of economic challenges, taking necessary steps -PM Modi said that the government is taking into consideration the economic challenges arising out of this epidemic. For this, the government has decided to set up a Kovid-19 Economic Response Task Force under the leadership of the Finance Minister. This task force will ensure that all the steps that can be taken to reduce economic difficulties will be effectively taken.

8. Show gratitude to the people -PM Modi said that the administration, health personnel, police, airport personnel, railway personnel are all engaged to deal with this epidemic. The public should express their gratitude and thank them.

9. At 5 pm on Sunday, 5 minute encouragement program-PM Modi appealed to the people to express their gratitude by standing in front of the door, balcony and windows of their house at 5 pm on Sunday. He said that it will show our rites of 'Seva Paramo Dharma'.

10. Do not increase the price of trade and industry -PM Modi appealed to the business and industry not to increase the price of essential commodities during this emergency. In addition, he appealed to high-income people and private employers not to deduct their employees' salaries.

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