Dharohar drama fest to start from Feb 15 at Shaheed Bhavan

Dharohar drama fest to start from Feb 15 at Shaheed Bhavan

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: Kirti Ballet and performing arts will organise a cultural festival ‘Dharohar’ from February 15 to 19. This event has been organised at Shaheed Bhavan. This year, the festival will pay special tributes to the theatrical director and art director Late Bansi Kaul. Senior journalist Girija Shankar will be the chief guest at the festival. This year, ‘Late Prabhat Ganguly Rang Ratna Samman’ will be awarded to Senior Musical Professor Pandit Siddharam Swami Korwar. 

On February 15, a drama titled ‘Nepatheya mein shakuntata’ written and directed by Manoj Nair will be staged. Nepathya Mein Shakuntala is about Enacting different roles in a play is artistic where as writing the play is as creative as moulding a clay into sculpture and while writing a play the writer creates many interesting situations and characters. 

The up and downs in a story with heart rendering incidents, dialogues of the main lead characters, happy and sad events are all creatively and beautifully weaved in to the story of the play. In this creative art of staging a play emerge small characters with almost no lines to speak but their presence is very important. 

Every human being has a very good and high image of one’s self and also very high expectations in life which may not happen all the time. In an attempt to get better things for tomorrow today’s best is forgotten capabilities are not thought of, gets unsatisfied all the time leading to hopelessness and depression. One such depressed character is portrayed by a character in this play. 

This drama is presented by Shadow group titled ‘Life and Leech’. This play’s original creation is Amarkant. Theatrical transformation is given Rajesh Joshi while the music is given by Dr Anjana Puri.

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