Vishwarang Intl Film fest starts from today

Vishwarang Intl Film fest starts from today

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: On Sunday, in co-ordination with renowned YouTube channel Get Set Parent with Pallavi, ‘Vishwarang-2020’ started its first child literature, art and music festival. The first day of the programme started with the conversation between Pallavi and renowned writer Ruskin Bond. 

Additional to that, a variety of cultural dance and other events were also organised. Vishwarang International Film festival will start from November 23. The festivak has been organised between November 23 and November 26 where 12 films will be presented. These films have been selected from different states and are in different languages. 

Pendeli Coco’s ‘The white  sheets’, Aasif Moyal’s ‘Zari waala Aasman’, and Gond tribal-based film ‘The Gond Art’ which is directed by Anushtha Agarwal and Pranjal Joshi which has been awarded in different film festivals will be presented. 

The film festival will end with the film ‘Rukhsana’ directed by Mohammed Zorjis. The programme will start with film ‘The white sheets’, after which, ‘The Celluloid Women’, ‘Zari waala Aasman’, ‘Bye Da Window’, ‘Anti Hero’, ‘Sondhyaani’, ‘Piraana’, ‘Winset before noon’, ‘Prashn’, ‘The Gond Art’, ‘Rukhsana’ and ‘Dusky Beauty’ will be presented. 

Mohammed Zorjis and Astha Agrawal and many such amazing directors have directed these films. These films are spreading the message of Indian culture in different countries. 

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