Barkatullah University to start new job-oriented courses

Barkatullah University to start new job-oriented courses

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: Barkatullah University (BU) has decided to start more than 100 employment-oriented courses. This step of the university is taken in accordance with the Education Policy-2020. The new courses also aim at self-sustenance of the institutions.

BU has received as many as 110 proposals for new courses, including over 40 courses from nine colleges in the state capital. Over 21 colleges affiliated to BU have submitted proposals for new courses. Most of them are certificate and diploma courses that would lead to employment of the student.

The MVM College in Bhopal has proposed a six-month certificate course on Food Analysis. It also plans to add a laboratory where food testing could be done. The charges for food testing will be deposited in Janbhagidari Samiti. Similarly, other colleges too plan their consultancy services and make the college run on self-sustenance model.

The above mentioned model goes with the objectives mentioned in the NEP-2020 that focuses on employment-oriented courses and make the institutions self dependent.

Similarly, the Institute of Excellence in Higher Education has proposed courses in retail marketing management and bank finance services and insurance.

Government Sarojini Naidu College (Nutan Girls College) has proposed women-oriented employment courses like crËche management, fashion designing, cultivation processing and marketing of medicinal plants, worm-compost and eco-friendly ventures for entrepreneurship development.

Another girlsí college of state capital, Gitanjali College too has proposed courses specially designed for girl students. It includes designer flower pot making and wood carving, mandna arts and graft art, advertising and sales management.

MLB College has proposed courses like laboratory management, instrumentation, disaster management, food and nutrition, interior decoration, social surveys etc.

MVM College has focused on courses like web designing and computer applications.

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