Delhi University: 98% cutoff mark for science majors

Delhi University: 98% cutoff mark for science majors

NEW DELHI [Maha Media]: The record cut-offs announced by the Delhi University colleges on Friday (October 1, 2021) have left many students, who have scored above 90 percent feel dejected and are now scouting for alternatives. The high cutoff set by the prestigious university has made them feel that their dream of getting admissions into DU might not become reality.

Many courses witnessed a spike in the first cut-off marks for undergraduate admissions. While a couple of colleges requires 100% to pursue the BSc physics and computer science (H) degree courses, several other courses in the science stream also saw a spike in the cutoff. 

In most of the colleges, the qualifying mark for courses like BSc (H) in physics, chemistry and mathematics crossed the 98% mark. In fact, the colleges like Bhaskaracharya also kept their physics (H) cutoff at 97.33%, which was 93% last year.

On the other hand, the cutoff for Statistics (H) course ranged from 98% to 99.5%, with Hindu colleges being the highest. Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences of Women set up the lowest cutoff of 94% for BSc (H) course in statistics which is offered at over nine colleges in the university.

While, Lady Shri Ram College for Women and Kirori Mal College set the cutoff for BSc statistics at 99.25%, followed by Sri Venkateswara College at 99%. It may be noted that students who wish to apply for BSc (H) statistics at Mata Sundri College, Ram Lal Anand College and Ramanujan College will need to have scored 98% to secure admission. 

Meanwhile, Hansraj college set the bar at 99% and above for over nine of the twelve science courses it offers. To get admission to this prestigious co-ed college on the north campus, the students need more than 99%. Hansraj colleges have set cutoff of courses like BSc (H) in chemistry, geology, electronics, mathematics and zoology demanded a 99% aggregate, while for BSc (H) in computer science it is 100%. 

In an interview with news agency, Bhavika, a Chandigarh-based aspirant, has 95.5 percent in her Best of Four and wants to pursue BA(Honours) Economics from either Lady Shri Ram College or Shri Ram College of Commerce.

"Seeing the cut-offs, DU looks like a distant dream at the moment. I have applied under the ECA quota, for which the admissions will happen after seats under the various cut-offs are filled. There is a lot of time to go for that. As a backup plan, I have taken admission in Symbiosis Law School, Pune but DU is my first preference," she said.

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