Dress code for teachers too at Bhopal's Nutan College

Dress code for teachers too at Bhopal's Nutan College

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: In Madhya Pradesh, colleges have already banned casual dresses of students by asking them to come in uniform. Now, Government autonomous college in Bhopal is emulating this step. ‘Only saree for women and suit with a tie for men teacher is allowed in the campus.’ 

This diktat by management of Sarojini Naidu Post Graduate Girls Autonomous Colleges popularly known as Nutan College is for college teachers. 

Notice has been delivered to faculties on March 2 which literally made them furious. Though faculties are clearly opposing the order of management but they do not want to come forward. Talking to news agency, College Principal  Pratibha Singh said, “It is not mandatory to wear suit and saree for all teachers but they look graceful. This is a prestigious college and we want to maintain the decorum with traditional and graceful attire.” She further added, “I never allow students to enter the college campus without uniform. So there should be some rules for faculties too.” 

On condition of anonymity, a senior faculty of the college said, “When summer is knocking the door, college has asked us to wear suit and tie. We have to go for suit stitching. Women find comfortable in salwar suit but they have to drape a saree. This is unacceptable.” While a male teacher of college said, “Amid COVID-19 pandemic, we need to take bath and wash our clothes everyday after going back home. It will not be possible for us to wash suit or give it for dry clean on daily basis.

We can carry light kurta-payjama as it would be comfortable in summer and also look traditional.” 

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