Governor for extension of NAAC validity period

Governor for extension of NAAC validity period

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: Madhya Pradesh governor Lalji Tondon on Monday sent a letter to NAAC director urging him to extend the duration of the grading cycle .

He stated that that there is need to extend the the cycle of NAAC ftom March to November 2020 for six months for universities with NAAC grading in the state.

Eight government and five private universities of Madhya Pradesh have NAAC grading. The recognition of five of these universities is from March to November 2020. All the universities are in the process of preparing a Self Study Report (SSR) for the cycle of NAAC grading.

All the universities have made necessary arrangements to present their reports to NAAC. Necessary records are being prepared.

In the view of deepening crisis of Covid-19 pandemic, all the universities of the state have been temporarily  lockdown. Due to unprecedented critical, it is not possible for the universities to submit their SSR for the next NAAC  grading cycle 2020.

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