Lucknow University gets 1st copyright with 'SLATE'

Lucknow University gets 1st copyright with 'SLATE'

LUCKNOW [Maha Media]: The Lucknow University has received the first copyright and trademark of its in-house online learning portal 'SLATE, with an objective to monetise the innovation that was developed and introduced to provide "360-degree online classroom" to students confined to homes due to Covid-19 pandemic.

 "This is for the first time in the 100 years' history of Lucknow University that a copyright has been registered in the name of the institution," said Vice Chancellor Professor A.K. Rai.

"The online mode of teaching emerged as a good option during lockdown but it does not offer a complete solution.

"The need of the hour is a 'hybrid system' ? a combination of online and on-campus education.

"Lucknow University has decided to go ahead with the hybrid system even after Covid-19 subsides because the content can also be delivered to students in remote areas.

"A copyright would mean that any institution willing to adopt 'SLATE' can do so by paying royalty to us," Rai added.

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