Madhya Pradesh gets 220 more colleges in a year

Madhya Pradesh gets 220 more colleges in a year

BHOPAL [Maha Media]:  In a span of one year, as many as 220 have come up in and overall enrolment of also increased by 1,10,455. 

As per the recent report of All India Survey of (AISHE) for academic year 2019-20, there are 2411 higher educational institutions (HEIs) in Madhya Pradesh. In the previous session, the AISHE report states 2191 colleges. The recent report states a total of 1501236 enrolment whereas 1390781 candidates were enrolled in previous session. 

The average enrolment per college in the state has also increased by an average of 37 candidates. In academic session 2018-19, an average of 734 enrolment per college and 24 colleges per lakh students which changed to an average of 771 enrolment per college in session 2019-20 and 27 colleges per lakh students.

Despite the fact that the overall response from universities, colleges and standalone institutions have been decreased by six per cent in comparison to the previous year's response, besides the number of specialization-wise number of universities, average enrolment per college and specialization wise number of colleges have increased in comparison to academic year 2018-19. 

As many as 76 per cent response was registered in the recently declared report whereas the overall response in the session 2018-19 was 82 per cent.

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