MP: BU fails to get approval for BPEd, MPEd

MP: BU fails to get approval for BPEd, MPEd

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: Department of Higher Education (DHE) is continuing admission in BPEd and MPEd programme of colleges. This year the Department has not included Barkatullah University in its counselling list. 

The university could not get approval of National Council of Teachers Education (NCTE) for both programme. Sources said, BU failed to follow guidelines of NCTE. For session 2021-22, NCTE denied BU approval for both UG and Pg in Physical Education. The programme was being run under Department of Physical Education with 50 and 30 seats of B.P.Ed and M.P.Ed. 

However many students are demanding to fill their choice as Barkatullah University during counseling process. Failure to get approval; for B.P.Ed and M.P.Ed programme has violated the image of university and it would have adverse impact on its NAAC grading. BU is declaring zero year for B.Ed programme for past three sessions. 

In order to fill up their vacant seats of colleges, DHE has arranged physical test of applicants for the second time. Apart from second counseling round, students can easily confirm their admission on B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed seats in college level counseling. Earlier students were being offered admission in all the three rounds of counseling after appearing for physical test in first counseling only. 

Now students can score better marks by appearing in several round of physical test. If any students could not score well in first round, he will be allowed to reappear in second round for physical test where he can score better. The department is continuing second round of counseling for admission in B.P.Ed and M.P.Ed programme. 

There are 5999 registrations for PG programme. There are 11.5 thousand registrations for second round of admission in B.Ed programme. There are 1385 seats available for B.Ed programme in colleges across State. According to DHE there are 758 B.Ed colleges offering around 70,000 seats across State. 

DHE has assigned  help centers in colleges where students can appear for any kind of problem or help. There are also helpline numbers released by DHE for virtual help. 

There will be three admission rounds to fill up 70,000 seats.  

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