MP: Healthy boy-girl competition from Jan 8

MP: Healthy boy-girl competition from Jan 8

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that healthy boy and girl competition would be held from January 8 to 14. The weight and height of the children up to 6 years will be taken. The height and weight of the children will be taken by various measuring agencies. 

Unhealthy children will be identified for treatment. The Chief Minister made the above remarks while addressing the CollectorCommissioner conference on Thursday. Chief Minister Chouhan instructed the collectors to prepare for this programme. This is an ambitious programme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The lives of children have to be transformed. Prime Minister’s thinking is good towards children. 

Various organizations and public representatives must be connected. Keeping children healthy is the responsibility of the whole society. Connect everyone to anganwadi and form a committee of anganwadi. Connect the officers to the voluntary organizations and Anganwadis. On January 08, ministers and MLAs should go to Anganwadis. I will also go to an anganwadi. No child should be deprived of physical measurement. 

There should be better publicity of the campaign in print-electronic, social media. Media houses should also adopt Anganwadi. Anganwadis have to be connected by promoting them. Collector and minister in-charge also connected with each Anganwadi. Take a pledge to keep your kids healthy. People should be connected with Anganwadis through campaigns.  

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