MP schools witness sharp decline in new admissions

MP schools witness sharp decline in new admissions

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: Amid COVID-19 pandemic, schools education remained the worst hit sector with sharp decline in new admissions. In comparison to last year, schools in Madhya Pradesh have witnessed 7 lakh lesser admissions in schools during year 2021. Apart from Government schools, private schools have also witnessed sharp decline in number of admissions. As financial burden came on many families, people shifted their wards from private to Government schools. There are also many parents could not meet the requirement for online classes and withdrawn admission of kids. While during session 2020-21 there were 30 lakh new admissions in Government and private schools, during session 2019-20 there were 1.37 crore admissions in schools. 

For session 2021-22, 61 lakh students took admission in Government schools and 34 lakh students in private schools. Majority of schools in state are facing challenges that they have never encountered before. School management said many parents have applied for admission withdrawal owing to financial crunch triggered by the pandemic and health issues of family members. 

In the meantime, private CBSE schools are for the first time admitting students in midsession. Many schools have confirmed new admission in midsession of classes as their seats were vacant in large number. During session 2019-20 and 2021, new admissions in KG classes were affected due to the pandemic.

Now parents are applying for admission of their ward directly in class 1 or KG 2. As there are seats vacant in classes, schools are confirming admission in midsession.  

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