NEP-2020 should be implemented well: Shiv Sena

NEP-2020 should be implemented well: Shiv Sena

MUMBAI [Maha Media]: The New Education Policy-2020 unveiled by the Government of India is more important than the procurement of Rafale fighter planes but there are concerns on its proper implementation, Shiv Sena said in its mouthpiece Saamna on Thursday.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a good job. He changed the country’s educational policy completely. This change occurred after 34 years. This is more important than the Rafale planes from France. We call the new education policy important as the country has now got the Ministry of Education. So now the country will get an Education Minister. If a person is knowledgeable in the education sector then let him become Education Minister. Many people who do not have finance-related information or who do not have health-related information, often those ministries were given to those who did not do good work there,” an editorial in Saamna read.

The Shiv Sena welcomed the policy for its focus on education up to class fifth in the mother tongue but expressed reservation whether this will only be limited to government schools and not spread to private schools run by missionaries and others.

“One thing is good that education up to the fifth grade is kept in the mother tongue. The demand for education in the mother tongue was constantly being made by the Sangh Parivar. The only question is that this mother tongue should not be limited to education only in government schools. There are English medium schools, ‘convent schools’ of missionaries, Central schools and how will we implement this mother tongue education rule in the context of international schools?” the editorial read.

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