PhD scholars to get exta time for completion of degree

PhD scholars to get exta time for completion of degree

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: PHD Scholars will be given additional time to complete their degrees. During this additional time period, they will also be awarded the amount of fellowship as per the rules of the Government of India.

In a virtual meeting with the Directors of Central Educational Institutions, IITs, IIITs, NITs, IISERs, IISc, the Union Minister of Education has agreed that the research scholars have been affected since March last year due to the global epidemic caused by coronavirus. Assuring a solution to the problems of PhD scholars, the Union Education Minister has assured to take a decision on the policy change proposal soon.

Under the current policy, PhD scholars are required to complete their degrees in five years. The closure of the educational institute since mid-March last year due to COVID-19 has hurt Ph.D. Due to which the possibility of completion of his PhD degree has been completely exhausted. 

A delegation of PhD scholars from Madhya Pradesh MANIT Bhopal was also in constant touch with the Union Education Minister and various officials of the Ministry of Education under  the leadership of Rajkumar Malviya. In the virtual meeting it was agreed to extend the time period of all PhD research scholars to one and a half years. Fellowships will also be given to him continuously during this period to continue his studies in he midst of economic difficulties. 

During the virtual meeting, the institutes have stated that the COVID vaccination of their students has not been done. Government of India should direct state governments to formulate vaccine policy for students in the age group of 18 to 44, so that the central institutes can open smoothly as before with full attendance of students. Many professors, students and research scholars in MANIT Bhopal have also been found to be corona positive, some of whom have also died due to corona virus. 

The classes were conducted online by MANIT during the lockdown period. In this virtual meeting, the education minister was informed by the directors on online classes, virtual laboratory work, and new education policy. 

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