Three months posting at district hospital mandatory for PG medical students

Three months posting at district hospital mandatory for PG medical students

NEW DELHI [Maha Media]: The Board of Governors in Super-session of Medical Council of India have framed fresh rules for all postgraduate students pursuing MD/MS in broad specialities in all medical colleges or institutions-- they shall undergo a compulsory residential rotation of three months in district hospitals or district health system as a part of the course curriculum.

“Such rotation shall take place in the 3rd or 4th or 5th semester of the postgraduate programme. This rotation shall be termed as ‘District Residency Programme’ (DRP) and will be implemented with the PG (broad speciality) batch joining in 2020-2021. And the postgraduate medical student undergoing training shall be termed as a ‘District Resident’,” read the new notification.

The main objectives of the DRP would be-- (i) to expose the postgraduate student to the district health system and involve them in health care services being provided at the district hospital for learning while serving; (ii) to acquaint them with the planning, implementation, monitoring and assessment of outcomes of the national health programmes at the district level; (iii) to orient them to promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services being provided by various categories of healthcare professionals under the umbrella of National Health Mission.

For the purpose of this programme, the district health hospital should be at least 100-bedded hospital with medical facilities.

The clinical responsibilities assigned to the district residents would include serving in outpatient, inpatient, casualty and other areas, and encompass night duties. The district resident will work under the overall directions and supervision of the District Residency Programme Coordinator (DRPC). The district residents would be trained in diagnostic/laboratories services, pharmacy services, forensic services, general clinical duties, managerial roles and public health programmes etc. They may also be posted in national research unit sites, said the government notification.

According to the latest notification, satisfactory completion of the District Residency shall be an essential condition before the candidate is allowed to appear in the final examination of the respective postgraduate course.

The state government shall provide appropriate amenities to the district Residents, including, amongst others, suitable accommodation, transportation to the workplace (if living quarters are far away), security, especially for lady residents, it said.

The district residents will also get additional honorarium as a token of recognition of their contribution to the healthcare services of the States. In addition, the concerned governments may make provisions to incentivize postings to remote and difficult areas, and encourage volunteering by postgraduate students to serve at these places, said the notification.

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