ISRO participates in Coast Guard maritime search, rescue ops

ISRO participates in Coast Guard maritime search, rescue ops

NEW DELHI [Maha Media]: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was roped into the ongoing National Maritime Search and Rescue Workshop and Exercise (SAREX-2020) organised by the Indian Coast Guard off the coast of Goa on Friday, a top official said on Friday.
Speaking to reporters onboard the ICG vessel Samarth, Director General K. Natarajan also said that 31 resource agencies, including the armed forces and other civilian agencies participated in the exercise, which was aimed at enhancing maritime search and rescue capabilities.

"In today's operation, vast number of ships and aircrafts, advance helicopters from Indian Navy, MI 17 helicopter from Indian Air Force, ICG Dorniers were there," Natarajan said.

"We had six ships and three boats which took part in the operation. We also utilised the services of ISRO for providing satellite images and other requirements," the top official also said.

According to the official, maritime search and rescue operations continue to remain a challenge amid increasing maritime and fishing activity, which is further convoluted by frequent cyclones in Indian waters as well as incidents of plane disasters over the seas.

The March 6 exercise involved mass rescue operation of 220 personnel with the help of combined assets of multi-agencies including the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Customs and other state government agencies like the Captain of Ports and Marine Police.

The search and rescue exercise was co-ordinated by the ICG which is India's nodal agency for maritime search and rescue operations.

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