ISRO to launch space-themed merchandise with industry

ISRO to launch space-themed merchandise with industry

NEW DELHI [Maha Media]: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) plans to rope in industry to manufacture and sell space theme-based merchandise.

Customised ISRO-theme based articles, models can play a game-changing role in creating awareness and kindling interest of the students, children and public, in the domain of space science & technology, propagating the achievements and laurels that Isro has brought to the nation, said the country's space agency.

ISRO officials said that of late, many agencies interested in creating customised articles, handicrafts approached it for the themes.

ISRO proposes to identify and authorise parties, agencies on “non-exclusive basis”, with a registration fee for sharing the themes, general arrangement drawings, images or any other design for enabling the parties to use appropriately without causing any damage to the pride of the department.

Specific samples of Isro identifiers, shall be catalogued and made available on Isro’s website, under CBPO, updated from time to time. Parties or agencies interested in creating these merchandise items, articles can make use of these resources by registering with the space agency.

ISRO said that the partner should avoid using the Isro identifier, imagery, etc. on products such as doormats, slippers, or any such items, which affects the reputation or image of the organisation. Wherever 3D models and 2D drawings are being used to make scaled models, LEGO sets, jigsaw puzzle, etc., extra care shall be taken to ensure accuracy.

ISRO will audit the manufacturer’s products and even terminate the license agreement, over violation of the guidelines.

The rates for the merchandise shall be reasonable in line with market conditions, as there is no brand value charged by Isro.

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