Know why banana plant is worshipped on Thursdays

Know why banana plant is worshipped on Thursdays

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) is a way of life that believes not only in the worship of the Gods and Goddesses but the myriads forms of life on Earth and the heavenly bodies too. Hindus pray to the water bodies, trees and animals and nature at large apart from the various manifestations of the divine power. 

Each day in a week is meant for the worship of a deity that governs the specific day. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati (Jupiter) on Thursdays. Therefore, Thursday in Hindi is called Brihaspativar or Guruvaar. Brihaspati is believed to be a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, and hence he is referred to as Guru (teacher).

Devotees also worship a banana plant known as Kadali in Sanskrit on Thursdays as it symbolises Shri Vishnu, the one who sustains, protects and preserves life on Earth. And those who wish to seek the blessings of Jupiter astrologically may also worship Brihaspati on Thursday.

Kadali puja vidhi

:- Rise early and take a bath

:- Wear yellow clothes.

:- Do Sankalpa (vow) to complete the puja with utmost devotion.

:- Then meditate.

:- Apply haldi and Chandan tika to the plant and offer yellow coloured flowers.

:- Then fill water mixed with turmeric in a kalash and offer it to the banana plant. Chant the "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" mantra.

:- Subsequently, over a fistful of Chana dal. 

:- Do not consume a banana or any part of the banana plant on this day.

For the worship of Lord Brihaspati, chant the following mantra.

Om Brihaspataye Namaha

Benefits of performing the Banana plant puja on Thursdays

1) By worshipping the banana plant on a Thursday, you will be able to invoke Lord Vishnu to seek his blessings.

2) Since Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi represent an ideal married couple, people who face a marital discord can lead a harmonious life.

3) A banana plant symbolises prosperity. Banana is perennial and is available throughout the year. Therefore, by worshipping a banana plant, a devotee can hope for a prosperous life.

4) Those who have Mangal Dosha can get rid of its effects by worshipping a banana plantain.

5) Those who wish to get married shall get an ideal life partner.

6) Those facing financial crisis shall also be blessed.

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