Transcendental Field

Transcendental Field

MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI encourages us to meditate to realise the field of opportunities within us.

Don’t pretend that you are the follower of any religion, or don’t pretend that you are a head of any religion. Don’t pretend that your religion can save you, or anyone can save you! You can save yourself through this knowledge of the Self, knowledge of the unified field, self-referral, Atman, the Self. That is the Light of God, and here is a turnkey operation for you to experience it.

The only saviour is one’s own Self within. And Self within is that transcendental field of reality, which is the Light of God. The Light of God — you say and I say and everyone says is omnipresent, and we pray to God, fine. But then, the prayer has to be on a level of the reality of the Light of God, which is a transcendental field of life. Transcendental is a very easy approach now for the past 50 years.

The Message
It’s easy for everyone to realise the Light of God. Light, it is the same transcendental aspect which is the field beyond reproach, a field beyond boundaries, a field which sustains itself all the time, everywhere, day and night.

It’s a matter of taking our awareness to the level of the transcendent, which is the level of the Light of God, and then enjoying it!

All attributes that you have been saying, you have been hearing from your religious heads, from your religious preachers, from your parents, from everyone you have been hearing: merciful Father, omnipresent, Light of God, omniscient — He knows everything. But, He can’t help you out unless you are in his courtyard. His courtyard is within yourself — transcendental reality.

And that is the field where one is fearless. All these great royalties running away from their palaces, this huge amount of fuss about their status, but in reality, there is no place there where they can hide themselves.

Here is a call! Time calls followers of all religions, preachers of all religions of all faiths, to teach people to pray in large groups, in a manner that the prayer will be heard. And where will the prayer be heard? The prayer will be heard on a level of reality which is omnipresent — that means, the transcendental field of consciousness.

I have counted groups of deep meditations, large groups of deep meditations — doesn’t matter to what religion they belong — they will make this Light of God spread from their inner Being to the whole world. The message is the message of peace, power, affluence, knowledge and wisdom.

Wake up. It does not take a long time to dive within yourself. With Transcendental Meditation and all these advanced techniques and yogic flying, which has proved to be radiating the Light of God, radiating harmony, peace in the whole atmosphere, this thing is the guiding light for peace on earth.

Radiate Light

Don’t waste your life. Don’t waste your time, because you are the Light of God. Make use of yourself for yourself. You are the only hope! You are the only hope for yourself, your family; you are the only hope for your nation and for your world, because inside you are lively in that which is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. What more do you want? What more can you expect of life? All that you can ever expect, all that you can ever demand, all you can ever seek, is in the field of possibilities lively within yourself.

Practise my programme. It’s possible for you. Gather groups, and my teachers throughout the world will train them, and they will radiate the light of peace everywhere throughout the world. This is the only way.

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