Maharishi Organisation to Establish Group of 9,000 Permanent World Peace Creators: Girish Ji

Maharishi Organisation to Establish Group of 9,000 Permanent World Peace Creators: Girish Ji

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: “When the whole world is crying today, not having any weapon or medicine or solution to fight with the invisible enemy Corona Virus, so called Super Powers have proven to be ineffective, a solution exists in the ancient Indian eternal tradition of Vedic Knowledge. The solution to eliminate this invisible and hidden enemy exists in unexpressed and un-manifest level of consciousness. From the Vedic time and from the modern scientific era, we know that whole material world is the expressed value of un-manifest consciousness. When a solution is not found on the expressed-manifest-physical level, we should know that the solution exists in un-manifest-transcendental level of consciousness. 

Spiritual practices and prayers to Almighty as per established process, described in Ved and Vedic Literature, inculcation of Aadhyatmik and Aadhidaivik values, practicing Yog and performing Yagyas on large scale are the procedures to handle the field of un-manifest”, said Brahmachari Girish Ji, Head of Maharishi Institutions in India.

“Greatest scientist of consciousness in the world His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji has always reminded a great principle of prevention in life from Upanishads ^^gs;e nq%[ke~ vukxre** (avert the danger which has not yet arrived). Maharishi Ji has brought to light Transcendental Meditation, TM-Siddhi Programme, Yogic Flying and number of advance technologies of consciousness and Vedic Science.  Besides number of physical and mental individual benefits to practitioners, Scientists have discovered that if number of practitioners, equivalent to square root of one percent of national or world population practice TM-Siddhi Programme including Yogic flying twice daily, not only positivity rises in collective consciousness, but at the same time negative trends and tendencies also vanish with the rise of coherent collective consciousness. It is exactly like with onset of light, the darkness disappears without any effort”. Girish Ji further added.
Elaborating his plan, Brahmachari mentioned that “the current world population is about 700 crore, 1% of this number is 7 crore and square root of 1% population is around 9,000. Looking to the current tension loaded condition of the world, and to maintain permanent peace and happiness; to bring prosperity, perfect health, balance in nature; gift enlightenment to individuals and invincibility to all nations around the globe, Maharishi Organisations have resolved to “establish a Group of 9,000 Permanent World Peace Creators in Geographical Centre-Brahmsthan of India, near Jabalpur at Madhya Pradesh. Coherence-Satoguna created  by this group will bring down the effect of Rajoguna and Tamoguna and will support national and state governments with  “Prevention Oriented Problem Free Governance”.

He also said, we are 130 crore plus in India and we need only 9000, is a very small number, to accomplish this holy task. The citizens of India between age from 21 to 65 years who are mentally and physically fit, will be able to participate in the Group. He has invited every eligible Indian to participate and contribute in this Mega task–Mahayagya in the interest of entire world family. He also invited capable citizens and organisations to join hands in accomplish this pious task. The establishment of group will start from the auspicious day of Guru Poornima–5th July 2020, if the situation is favourable.

The organisation has provided email address and contact number for further information: Mobile: 9425008470

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