First 'Hindkesari' Shreepati Kanchnale passes away

First 'Hindkesari' Shreepati Kanchnale passes away

KOHLAPUR [Maha Media]: Renowned wrestler and first 'Hindkesari' Shreepati Shankar Khanchnale passed away on Monday morning following ill health in private hospital, family sources said. He was 86. 

Khanchnale had been treating since last week. Born on December,10,1934 in Eksambha village, in Maharashtra-Karnataka border area, started  playing wrestling at the age of 7. In 1959, he defeated Punjab Kesari Banata Sing and won 'Hindkesari' title for the first time. The same year, he won Maharashtra Kesari award defeating Anand Shirala-each in Karad of Satara district.

He won wrestling champion competition in 1958(Belgaum), 1962(Jabalpur) and 1965(Bengaluru). Khanchnale, was president of Maharashtra Kustigir Parishad for twenty years and honoured various awards including Arjun award, Rajiv Gandhi Khelratna award, Eklavya, Dronacharya and Maharashtra Bhushan. 

Last rights to be held later in the afternoon, the family sources added.

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