For the people of this sign, the year 2020 will be very auspicious on the work front. You will definitely get success in job or business. This year, you may get good opportunities to earn money. But make your decisions very carefully. An auspicious program at home can be organized this year. There's a possibility of a marriage of your younger brother or sister by the middle of the year. This year, you need to take extra care of your health.


Last year you faced very difficult situations but, this year will bring you relief. Many of your problems will be resolved and all the worries will vanish. The work which was left incomplete last year is expected to be completed this year. The year will prove to give you fruitful results in your career and open the doors of progress. Mixed results in terms of money are expected. Health will be good but you are advised to avoid negligence.


The year will be mixed for people with this sign. You will get happiness but at the same time, you may also face challenges. There may be problems regarding work and health. Some ongoing tasks of traders may get spoiled due to minor constraints. Even the employed individuals will not get any special success until the middle of the year. The financial conditions for the first three months will be very auspicious, but gradually the difficulties may increase. There will be ups and downs in the family. However, you will get full support from siblings.


For Cancerians, the year 2020 is going to be very important. This year, a new relationship may get started. Love and romance will knock your door and your quest will finally end. Good results in the workplace are expected. Your working capacity will increase. Traders will get amazing opportunities to make a profit and your business will also grow stronger. This year, there may be some financial tensions at home which may lead to your separation from the family. Health will not be good this year. A bile-related illness may surround you.


This year, you will get many opportunities to move forward but, you will have to work hard to bring things in your favour. You will definitely get the results of your struggles and hard work. If you are employed, you may get a higher position. The year also brings a big success to traders. You can try your luck in expanding your business or in new business. The year will be good for students as well. Initially, there will be some obstacles in your education but gradually the situation will improve. There may be many financial challenges, but in spite of this, your financial position will remain strong.


If you wish to go abroad and have been making great efforts towards it for a long time, you are likely to get success this year. The year is very important for employed people. You are most likely to get progress or the desired transfer. For traders, the year will be full of ups and downs but you be successful in the end. With good financial conditions, your dream of a new house or a new vehicle may also be fulfilled. If there is any major problem in the family, you can get rid of it. You will enjoy good health this year. Avoid putting too much work pressure.


The year will be very different and new in your life. You will get good results in terms of a career. The position of the planets is revealing that all your hard work will surely be rewarded this year. Due to your excellent performance, your reputation in the workplace will also increase. There are also chances of your promotion this year. If you are a businessman, you can start a big business. But remember to take a step forward only after proper advice. Financial situations will be good throughout the year. However, you are advised to keep a check on your expenses. This year, health problems may cause trouble for you.


For Scorpio, the year 2020 will give good results in many cases. You may get some big progress at the beginning of the year. Apart from this, any new work can also start during this period. Financial situations will be very good this year and you will be able to earn a lot of money. Students who are thinking of going abroad for higher education may get their wish fulfilled in the middle of the year. Health is expected to remain normal this year.


You will get a lot of relief from problems related to the family. This year you will pay more attention to your relationships and will be successful in making them stronger. Your big plan may not be completed this year. Talking about the work, the year will be very good for traders. However, it is better not to trust your partner excessively. Jobless individuals will continue to give their best performance. You are likely to get success by the end of the year. From the financial front, the more you work, the bigger you will get. Family life will be happy. This year a new member is expected at your home. The year will be mixed in terms of health.


The year will prove to be very difficult for individuals of this sign. Keep faith in yourself. This year, you may take some thoughtful decisions which will bring many changes in your life. The year will prove to be good for unemployed people as their long-running struggle for a permanent job in a good company will eventually end. Keep doing your work diligently. Traders should avoid taking any risk this year. There may be some difficulties in financial matters. Spendings will be more than the income which may lead to some financial problems.


For Aquarius people, the year 2020 will bring many challenges. No matter what the circumstances are, you will be able to face it with full courage. Do not take any hasty decision regarding your career. Make a very careful decision to change your job or get a transfer. Traders are also advised to work with experienced and reliable people if they want to start a new business. You need to be very careful this year about health as your little carelessness may cost you more. From the financial front, your income will be regular this year and you may get a new source of income.


The year will prove to be very lucky for you. You will get very good results which will make your mind happy. Big achievements in the workplace are possible which will raise your respect among others. Traders are also expected to get sudden benefits. You are advised to be careful with your opponents. All the money-related efforts will be successful and your financial position will remain strong. This year, you are expected to get financial benefits from many sources. From the health front, the initial months will be good but you may face problems later.