" Democracy  on the cards in J&K"

BHOPAL[MAHAMEDIA]J&K citizens have exercised their franchise for safeguarding their interest as well to ensure that the normalcy is there now to restore in the hill areas.This is the first election that got conducted peacefully with no allegations of rigging or irregularities that is more creditable.The people’s alliance for Gupakr that constitute of seven parties inclusive of NC and PDP has gained the majority claiming 110 seats and BJP showed its phenomenal presence in 75 seats thus making its presence felt and an opportunity for the growth of the concerned councils.

The independent also have significant influence on approximate fifty seats.

The councils thus have to ensure now of the proper alliance and coordination’s shall script the development process.

The noticeable changes that appears from these results is that notwithstanding the propagated indifferences concerning the repealing of the article 370 and 35 A etc.

Development must be the first priority and must be executed with all the possible communications now coupled with all the challenges and threats posed internally and from external cross border terrorism attempts from Neighbors.

The development that is now the need and also is looked forward with the changing circumstances calls for serious and sincere efforts.

The youth of the valley could be only the harbingers of the changes and development process evaluating the right perspective for their own interest not getting carried away with the forces that creates only the foe and not the friends.

The high time now for the citizens of J&K to script their own success stories and join the rest of the country in the development process.

The alliances that have the majority must look into these aspirations of the common people and look after the peace and development in the valley for now the attempts of separatism might be expensive and counterproductive. Good that democracy prevails and normalcy might restore subsequently.

- Sunil S Okhade

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