"Not striving for stride"

Bhopal [ maha media] PM Pakistan Imran Khan has taken his embacies across the world on not striving for stride.He condemned the carelessness of pakistani embacies to take up the assignments and appriciated the indian embacies success rates in generating foreign currency which is instrumental in balancing domestic economy.PM pakistan's concern is genuine and is a call for all concerned to evaluate their respective action plans in the interest of the nations.Embacies obviously represent the state abroad and ensure welfare of the common people residing there for their bread earning.Its a big project for individual to take up and make a brisk and ideal methodology for the overall growth coupled with the suitable state representations.The two neighbour countries china and pakistan, if turns their stretegis towards friendly environment over the usval attitude that brings an impression of friend or foe needs to be clearly established for the continents peace too.


- Sunil S Okhade

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