" The Ensuing By election of MP"

The ensuing by elections in the state of Madhya Pradesh is posing a test for both the incumbent BJP and the opposition Congress for obvious reasons.

Both undisputedly would put all the efforts to combat all those forces that might be an obstacle for their probable win so strategically both the parties are on with their election campaigning.

The exodus recently witnessed by the congress on account of the differences or perhaps ambitions thus with the three sitting MLAs' demise and twenty five to join Jyotiraditya scindia's dissidence from Congress has paved a way in the month of March for BJP to come back to power. 

The ensuing by elections consequently are important for both to retain their respective grounds.

Sindhya ji has a major role to script with the seats being around Gwalior and as well justify their defection to the people in general for exercising their franchise in their favour.

The most needed 9 seats to strengthen the claim for BJP does not appear a much tough task over Congress looking forward to its candidate's success in all the twenty eight seats in order to gain the required strength.

November 3 is going to be the day of public verdict in the context and thus heart beats of every candidate is on its rise as the electioneering approaches for the impact of this by election shall be decisive for many specially for Jyotiraditya sindhia and his all followers to prove themselves and to their supporters that the exodus has been not only good and justified for them but at the larger interest for the respective constituencies over all development.

It’s going to be interesting to watch the series of events taking shape that might be decisive for all the concerned in the incumbent party and the opposition.

- Sunil S Okhade

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