" US elections and its vested foreign influences."

The interesting and close contesting of elections in The US states about many changing systems even in advanced countries where the inferences of voters now are getting fixed even by the foreign intervention which was not that influential as never been reported before.

These days we often observe the exit polls influenced by many such parameters. Although paradoxical, yet this fact is there that often motivates the final decisions of the voters who ultimately exercise their franchise getting carried away with such influences.

Ex-president Obama’s claim of China’s mediation and Trump's allegation that Biden and his son hunter have financial involvement in Chinese enterprises and so in turn is alleged for Mr. Trump too.

US has alleged involvement of IRAN and Russia pointing to the indulgence of the Past president Obama who is fielding opposition to Mr. Trump.

Trump had taken over the reins from Mr. Obama after the public verdict went in his favour the businessman politician Trump who accepts that his mannerism may not sound like a politician for he is not basically which he added in the similar alleged context.

Interesting is now to have understood the indulgence of Iran and Russia in the fray by entering through knowing the registration of the electioneering process this is debated.

Which although being clearly denied by both stating that this allegation is unfounded, having no substance we have no business with US Elections as is being unnecessarily alleged.

The final scene of the public verdict following even the third proposed debate might be decisive yet this is interesting to take a note that otherwise alert US public opinion also has certain influences this is something to contend with.

- Sunil S Okhade

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