"A Leader who remained always away from limelight"

Ahmed Patel the veteran Congress Leader from Gujarat is now no more in this world. However, Patel left his memories to all who got in touch with him and have got many praiseworthy opinions even from his political opponents.

Patel had his unique position and earned trust and respect within the congress party and as well from other of his contemporary leaders from different parties.

The one who always stood by the interest of the congress party is Ahmed Patel who remained a silent worker used to use very limited words to explain his point and one of the significant personalities of congress always stood by the leadership.

Ahemed Patel remained such a personality, the leader who remained always away from the exposures and lime light and always remained at the back ground but with important decision makings.

He used to be away from the limelight yet he was the architect of many decisions during the UPA government and had his graceful and valuable presence perhaps in all the governance of the UPA.

Enjoyed good rapport with the first family of congress and often came to the rescue of the party in various tricky and serious situations.

Be it N deal case and associating with Sharad Pawar or managing the exit of Shibu Soren after he was found in gruesome incidence many such political crisis he stood and used his brilliance for mediation and representation for his party Many such decisions were his role proved to be of significance and worthy of attributions.

He has survived with all his quintessential leadership attributions in public life.

- Sunil S Okhade

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