"Anarchy followed by voting results"

West Bengal has witnessed a series of bloodshed immediately after declaration of elections result

Many BJP party workers houses are alleged to set fire as reported.

The violant scenes as shown on news channels are truly horible and disappointing.

The allegations and counterallegations in the respect are being propagated and at times this seems that a competition is initiated for blame games.

Ovasi has condemned rightly the violance stating that notwithsranding the situstions it is state's first duty to ensure safety of the subjects.

PM Modi has asked for a deatailed reports of the incidences across the state.

This is acrimonious and uncalled for if the ruling party appears indulged in such practices for irrespective of  the party politcs the incumbent is commited to all those who reside in the state.

The attacks on the processions of BJP Stalwarts Vijayvargiya and Sudhendu Adhikari are few evidences that substantiate the cruel intent whomsoever is causative or preparator of those attacks.

The state that have been slogging for peace and development is witnesding the dreaded incidents of violance thst frightens the common men whose right of exercising their franchise is questioned by such instigations.

West Bengal CM for third consecutive tetms must appriciate the responsibilities and manage the complications initiated post pole.

This is expected of the incumbent to ensure that the suitable sense shall prevail.

- Sunil S Okhade

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