"Easing of border tensions"

Chief of defense Staff Bipin Rawat stated of rising tension across the border on account of the shifting of the LAC at the border towards the westwards in eastern ladakh.Although the high level Military discussions are on to pacify the undergoing situation that has complicated over the months, notwithstanding this the status quo situation exists while our posturing is free of ambiguity stated Rawat.

This appears from his gestures that although the war like situation does not appear at the moment on the china border yet India is prepared to fight and combat any situation for the force is ready and is committed to not allowing any shift from the eastern ladakh border.

Similarly the speculations towards any kind of influences to the ultras active in northeastern sectors instigated by china does not seem to be any ways probable for the state government with the center is on for these outfits now have loosed their supportive ground and now wished to enter into the discussion with the state government for the peace process and their rehabilitation and staying in the mainstream .State government thus has successfully solved the bodo issue,Ulfa are back to Assam for the same thus the peace talks are under gone with the assistance of center as reported and shows a positive signs thus the speculations of Chinese instigation into this seems hardly any circumstantially.

The signs showing positivity at the border and Border States safety is encouraging thus. It’s good and satisfying to ease out the prevailing tension across the border and it is tough and appropriate step forward to the neighboring countries known for their deceiving nature in spite of all the friendly discussions form all the diplomatic channels.

The trust buildup with the discussions have often been undermined and deceived in the past so the required safety and alert status shall manage the circumstantial shift of the positive situation and its certainly encouraging that we are not succumbing to the pressures.

- Sunil S Okhade

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