"Inflated eligibilities"

Education system of India often poses many questions yet no academician appears interested to give a satisfactory answer to that.

The kind of fierce competition that students face now often gives a feeling that  the generation of today’s facilitators might also find this difficult to get through the exams, the question papers of which are obviously mostly set by many of them.

The chances of even the brilliant students of admission is under cloud, forget the average and poor students.

The mania of certain specific institutes multiply the competition to a greater height which  appears simply funny yet all perhaps aspire for few select universities or colleges.

Universities, colleges assessing the eligibility by virtue of certain fixed parameters and the percentage as ascertained for the suitability of the probable candidates have gone up to as high as 100% these days as is learned that Delhi university wishes to keep the same for their merit list and even is planning a competitive exam for the entrance. The rat race brings no quality worth whatsoever entrance tests or the high percentage expectations.

100% Cut off seems inaccessible to the majority of the students freeing them with their broken dreams and shattered hope for the future.

Gradation system too has complicated the system for the assessment wherein the kind of percentages and grades have mislead and thus are  truly inflated kind of gradation sparing to no good for the aspirants with whatever good preparation they are with for the appearance in the exams.

Is not it a cause to ponder with in the interest of the majority of those laborious,ambitious,and deserving students that their true potential needs an assessment which is always based on the understanding level commensurate with its application standards otherwise holding mark sheet any impressive at the first glance shall keep proving that the educational system seriously needs a serious survey and  replacements at all the responsible positions for an honest address of the issue otherwise the tough days are ahead for each one of us.

Time to plan and address as the emergency is on its way to put a break on economy, usval interest of the


- Sunil S Okhade

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