"Maturity in representing the issues"

The most disturbing series of incidents that take place in the current political scene are the two standards adopted by even the top leaderships in addressing and prioritising issues on national level.

Had this not been the case then how would two separate concerns be expressed for the similar incidents in two states i.e Hathras and the incident of Rajasthan?

The farmer bill which had an approval earlier now is a matter of opposition just because the incumbent is different and this goes on irrespective of the party either way.

There could be reasons to counter and the same could be addressed with the healthy discussions for none draft is free of lapses rather has a scope for the mandatory amendments yet it is not usually entertained and also opposed for the purpose of opposition and not with the relevant points to ponder.

We do not seem to be sensitive enough on the serious issues in any part of the nation irrespective of the party in power.

The problems are propagated or brought to the forefront only with the vested interest and not with the real concern which is evident often with the kind of ambiguous gestures of political parties which is indeed a cause of concern and needs a bigger attention for the address in the interest of the nation.

Whatever could be the raised issue, if that is influential enough to impress upon the common national interest or may likely to have a positive or negative impact on the national growth deserves to be discussed at length and no defiance on the same must be preferred or heard off.

Best is to introspect with the facts before making a ruckus of the same, unless it is of paramount importance and any propagated concern needs to be checked upon, must not be unnecessarily made an issue.

The calamities and catastrophes emerged consequently  often are  emergent situations, like coved 19 is not a specific product of any incumbent rather the causes are different ,the need at such situations must be to fight the emergency with a collective efforts rather finding faults in addressing the issue for the problem is perhaps first of its kind so quite obvious the trial and error only is the modus operandi under the circumstances and instead holding on with the problem the immediate remedies adopted is good enough for the initial address with the modified approaches later on.

The serious concern from all walks of life and from all the leadership is imperative over the fault finding for getting rid of the circumstantial issues whatsoever.

 The big question is who will initiate and work free of prejudices, who will bell the cat but certainly this calls for serious and meticulous implementation.

- Sunil S Okhade

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