"struggling against invisible enemy"

Covid 19 new variant is reported to migrate in many countries.In india there has been shift of the virus in rural areas.The challenge now before the administration obviously is to manage the situation in these remotest areas.The challenge is becsuse the medical facilities with all its advance forms lack at times access or shortages in bigger centers on various account shall certainly pose an alarming status.Good that the administration has those  realisations for which necessary reach is planned.JP Nadda is right when he seeks the support of opposition specially of congress that keeps cornering the incumbent with many baseless and often laughable arguments/allegations.He urged the partyleadership to ensure that the right sense prevails in taking up such issues of national interest.Nadda stated that the need is  to counter the situation irrespective of the party politics and must refrain from politicising such issues.PM modi has cancelled his visit to USA for the ensuing summit following the surge in cases.The time is tough and adversity is doing all the possible hardship to further wirsening tge already miserable state.The fight against this invisible enemy requires coopearations and not the counterallegations.If all concerned address the issue with commitment and with the available resources the struggle will be smooth and encouraging.Unfortunate is the disagreements and intntional rucus in crisis  time.


- Sunil S Okhade

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