"The pandemic and inoculation"

The pandemic is still not over and it is tough to ascertain how and when the disease shall disappear.

The Drug controller had stated of considering the seriousness perhaps that the inoculation extended even if is 50% useful must get a clearance from the department. Although the vulnerable group for coved 19 is from all walks of life and from all the ages yet the comorbid status is always a task to deal with.

The central government appears to have a better solution to the problem as is evident from the statement of the health Minister that the targeted group that is prone or rather exposed to the pandemic on account of its association with the diseased population must be the first recipient of the inoculation as and when the same get the clearance from the competent authorities.

 It's primitive to finally take the same for granted for the government also even today need to assess the efficacy part of any vaccine that is under trial and its probable recipient before it is open for the public use in general.

The vulnerable group is truly more dangerous for the spread of this contagious ailment but the need of hour is not to get frightened yet face with zero panic.

The health workers deserve kudos for their commitments knowing well the consequences of the disease yet their dedication has saved many lives  for which we all remain indebted.

The good news of an effective remedial vaccine shall bring the pleasure and ray of hope to all and therefore all eyes are on to the progress of the undergoing trial of the vaccine that might be under way with its efficacious remedies.

-  Sunil S Okhade

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