Abolishing of Film certification appellate tribunal

The already compromised film industries’ status circumstantially on account of the closed theaters and lesser opportunities for the shoots of the films following the pandemics crucial phase the decision of the Government to disband the appellate tribunal is perhaps the sign of multiplicity of the troubles that the industry faces.

CBFC i.e central board of certification that is popularly known as censor board is an authority the certificate of which is of significance for the release of the films in various categories as specified.

Till now any disagreement on the censor’s decision that filmmakers had an option of an appellate tribunal to state and address their concerns.

However, now with the amendments as is directed the producers must approach for their grievance to the Hon’ble High Court to register their cases of interest.

The issue is likely to get more worsened, this is evident that the courts are engaged and flooded with a variety of cases and the procedures are so long that the time it takes for many decisions is often long.

The pendency of the cases will have more pressures on the court.

Indian film industry has a unique status in the world with its good number of film making yet the pandemic has had a definite impact on the total revenue generation of the film industry.

The control and regulation indeed is imperative for any industry that has wider scope and exposure of influencing the masses yet the regulations keeps the creativities at the distance and often is counterproductive.

Film makers also need to realize their limitations for the creations and its innovations or decency in the context of the social fabric and sentiments of the majority of the populations.

Perhaps even the audience also needs to grow up to see the things in the correct perspective,and refrain from making the issues big but to attempt to understand the crux of the matter.

Responsibilities in all the context and all concerns are always fruitful.

- Sunil S Okhade

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