Anticoagulants and Use of Vaccines 

Amid controversies in respect of use of covaxine and covishield manufactured indigenously in India by Indian companies i.e serum institute of India and Bharat Biotech who also have reported in their factsheets use of these two vaccines with caution if the patient is receiving the blood thinners like Aspirin or clopidogrel  ICMR Director General Dr Balram Bhargava has mentioned that the vaccine shots may be administered to these patients too who are receiving Aspirin or clopidogrel with certain caution.

Any new drug that is undergoing trial, obviously initially, is always used with caution especially in certain classes of the patient where the potential risk exists such as the elderlies, pregnant women especially in the first trimester of pregnancy and children. 

Volunteers for these populations for the very obvious reasons are least so that as a precautionary measure the newer medications are advised to use with caution.

Regarding the use in the above category of the patient the patients are requested to furnish these details before the shot.

Either drug if one is receiving that is Aspirin or Clopidrogel the harm is not witnessed so far but those on Heparin the local hematoma is observed as per reports.

Blood thinners, anticoagulants are the drugs that slow down the body’s process of making clot while Aspirin, clopidogrel are the antiplatelet drugs that prevent platelet aggregation or clumping of the platelet thus preventing clot formation.

Two senior doctors of Nagpur Medical College have been reported to have received these shots having the antiplatelet drugs with no complaints.

Heparin certainly needs to be administered with caution together with the shots of either vaccine.

Current caution in the context may be adhered to before the sufficient clinical trials are available to substantiate the use of the shots in categorized patients.

However, the statement from the director of ICMR is encouraging for those that are considered risk groups today.

This is certainly a proud moment for Indians that we have initiated the production and supplies world over of the indigenously developed vaccines for the pandemic that has brought the world back and stayed its movement for the long duration.

The need of the hour is to refrain from making iresponsible statements in the context instead creating confusions in the mind of the general public making them reluctant for the use of the vaccine that might assist their health improvement.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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