Awareness and misinformation!

We need to to accept the fact that the second wave of the pandemic could be life-refreshing and we should fight it by being responsible citizen. We should stay motivated and use positive reinformation techniques to help others. Exactly this time last year, we were all coopedup at our homes, hoping that pandemic might end soon and we could get back our normal lives. But now, after being at home for almost one-and-a-half year, there is a constant feeling of restlessness and uncertainty about life and future.  Yes, it is true that we live in a troubled world. But there is much to applaud and progress to be gratefulfor. And meficrity is infusing the herd.
With the ever-changing safety guidelines to adhere to, increasing work pressure, work-from-culture, inability to meet people or just go on a vacation-- this pandemic fatigue seems to be hitting people hard. Psychologists say that the pandemic fatigue is real, but there are many ways in which one can motivate themselves to feel better. We have all had enough of watching TV and doing virtual gatherings in the past year.
The Covid pandemic has underscored that effective communication is at the heart of winning any public health challenge. But unfortunately, the authorities aren't just fighting Covid-related morbidities , there is also an infodemic cutting both ways---awareness and misinformation.
The social media is awash with treatment protocol based on prescription from doctors to rheir patients. Fake remedies flooding WhatsApp  are justas insidious. Even country like America is struggling with effective communication. And here in India, Covid is being considered just another fever by many rural Indians struggling against it. With rampant infections, we need more clear and persuasive guidelibe. Doctors' forums like Indian Medical Association (IMA) could have acerted this mess.



- prabhakar purandare

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