Balancing equations in Bihar

Chirag paswan has perhaps got it right and refused Mahagathbandhan’s proposal, as the report states in the context.

Actually, his Mother Reena paswan is  reportedly a proposed member for Rajya sabha while he understand it clearly that through him RJD is trying to balance its loosed equations and wish to consolidate its image to safeguard the welfare of the minorities and others.

 Chirag paswan may not even take it up, as circumstantially the opportunities for his suitable positioning might suit nicely with BJP and consequently the changing status has a  bright attractions towards BJP that Chirag most probably may conclude  for his safe future.
Apparently although RJD is trying to lure him with the support yet now this is for Chirag to evaluate his own roadmap.

Chirag probably, conceding all this must have refused the Maha gathbandhan’s proposal for his Mother.

 This is therefore going to be an interesting episodes in the state of Bihar, the script for which is seriously pondered over.

Had he not thought over emphatically on few of these then he would have caught hold of the RJD offer which appears a trap and that is what exactly Chirag must have perceived.

Ljp although is in trouble currently yet every move may set the right pace and direction. Situations are always dynamic with variety of interrelated and at times irrelevant exposures influence the circumstances and political equations so the time only can be the decisive factor.

So, finally with these conjectures as this appears today may set another role for Chirag and his party.

NDA’s candidate is already declared so Sushil Modi is going to contest the upper house seat and that is for sure the lingering name even today with Mahagathbandhan exhibits and has created a kind of interesting situations that might be instrumental for changes to happen in the politicking of Bihar.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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