BJP’S Command in MP and Bihar

With the splendid win over in the recently held by elections in Madhya Pradesh and in the state of Bihar BJP has consolidated its position.

The verdict of the people went in favour of the development over the cast and the claims like Bikau and Tikau as propagated by the opposition congress in the state of MP.

The exodus of the ex-congress candidates under the leadership of Jyotiraditya in want of their being disappointed with the functioning of then government in MP that had to step down within 15 Months.

All the claims for democratically elected governments cause of stepping down on account of the dissidence of their previous stalwarts as has been claimed by them and now turning them as traitors have again been turned down by the state people perhaps on the grounds of the hopeful development that they foresee.

Bihar also if we closely monitor the Nitesh led government had emerged with the assistance of BJP as victorious on the development front, where the equations used to be of different aspirations till recent past.

LJP  Led by Chirag Paswan the son of late Ramvilas Paswan could only disturb RJDS votes and could not make any sizable significance thereto.

While one message goes loud and clear that majority now favors and looks forward to development, the incumbent now must ensure the declared employment and development promises made in Bihar as well the welfare of the farmer’s ,women’s security and the growth of the state and state exchequer in MP.

The victory brings responsibility and the commitment fulfillments that lays down the bridge for further consolidation for the future which must be scrupulously to be executed.

The franchise that is being exercised in both the states and the mandate’s glory in either state obviously calls and infer for the assured promises in the correct spirit.

These changes appear good and are welcome and must be here to stay, what we must look forward to.

Right now this is for the high hopes of the public from the respective incumbents.


- Sunil S Okhade  

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