Breakthrough for Parkinson's Disease treatment

This may be a breakthrough for many who suffer from a neurological disorder called Parkinson Disease. Reveals the news reports from Indian Institute of technology Chennai.

PD or Parkinson Disease is a progressive and degenerative  disorder that has relation with the nervous system of the human being and has its relevance in context of the movement.

It is first noticed as tremor in the hand and stiffness of the various movements especially the tremors are characterized in the fingers of an individual’s hand.

Over the period the muscles get stiff and thus lead to severe pain.

At times this becomes difficult to manage the usual routine for the patient such as getting up from the chair, lifting something etc.

Actually, recently Indian institute of technology Madras has found out and pointed that the basal ganglia and substantia Niegra of the deep brain nerve cells often start producing due to energy loss less dopamine the neurotransmitter that normally is released from this point and helps in many movements of the body.

This is revealed in the study that while 89% of the release is exhausted during this process then the tremors in the fingers especially of the hands start leading to difficulty in muscle movements.

This is concluded by the scientist that if the pharmaceutical companies can research in this direction that the energy producing/delivering  cells are produced in the nerve cells then perhaps the problem of the PD or Parkinson Disease may be addressed the report concluded.

It’s quite an interesting and encouraging report for the advancing ages world over who have the same problem to face and considered to be dreaded and serious issues in terms of the neurological problems as important as that of Alzheimer's, the medical condition that has a large effect world over. 

Medical science has been researching and various trials are undergoing on these serious neurological problems that have a large impact on the world population.

The work in the context of these lines shall certainly be of great help to the people facing and fighting with this serious medical problem.

- Sunil S Okhade

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