Celebration of winning over debilitating virus

Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice, the trio have begged the coveted Nobel prize for the year 2020 for discovering the viral origin of Hepatitis C.

These scientists get an accolade for their discovery and explaining the role of RNA Virus of the flavivirus family which is commonly understood as HCV.

Although the researchers have made a major breakthrough in this respect in 1976 when Baruch Blumberg got a recognition along with Mr H.J Alter, they could prove that HBV i.e Hepatitis B Virus is the causative virus for the dreaded hepatic diseases that had literally frightened people word over.

The WHO also is of opinion indeed that HBV and HBC both have had significant impact on world health and the developed screening procedure coupled with the remedies for HBV and HBC shall leave a dent in the brisk recoveries and clinical addresses for these challenging ailments caused by the viruses.

In the light of ongoing pandemic too the importance of such discoveries gives rise to hope and encouragements for the possible vaccine to combat the coved 19 that has been alleged rather proved for the current unrest word over.

This is all the more worth appreciating to recognize therefore the researchers that could bring a treatment regimen for the world population where the obscure kind of microorganism impacted the economy of the world  and literally made all to rest and remain home.

Such accolades are great certification for the outstanding and classic endeavors in select fields and thus making the Prestigious recognition more attractive and well deserved recognition for all the innovations.

-  Sunil S Okhade

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