Challenges Ahead

Joe Biden the president elect has a tough job ahead that has many valid reasons to worry for. He has pulled up his sleeves this appears with the master plan that he has announced to take up the first ten days endeavors for him to initiate.

The post trump effects needs to addressed and pacified as fast as it could perhaps be to restore the normalcy and probably for the same reason the new Master plan is understood to have been titled as ran effort of restoring the dignity to the system which precisely is the priority under the circumstances for the new incumbent so the damages must be repaired quickly.

Joe Biden basically is aiming at the economy, health care he might as well have immigration issues in mind for the redresses.

Much will be based on managing the covid 19 situations that have a potential risk on the people in general vis a vis for the nation however Joe Biden has in his mind an impressive figure of vaccinating 100 million within 100 days of his administration that certainly needs all the good wishes to go for.

The Trump administration reportedly has been too casual and divided with hardly any consensus on the subject that yielded the USA to be challenging and at risk even today for even trump had hot discussions with those senior researchers too who deserve indeed the last word in the management of the dreaded disease .

As is usually stated that everyone performs when the environment around is conducive the performance truly deserves clap is the adverse situation performances.

We can certainly put forward our wishes for the new incumbent to deal with these challenges adroitly that is going not only to benefit the US citizens but largely perhaps to the world populations too.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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