Change is always for better

So the duo i.e. Joe Biden and Kamla Harris have finally could put the boll rolling of the victory in their favor, which was evident with the reciprocations and all exit poll too revealed the positive signs towards the democrats in USA.

Joe Biden has very brilliantly thus pointed towards the dire need of resuming the science, decency in his first speech after  assuming power coupled with the fairness and hope in totality for the better international relations.

This might go towards the resumption of that missing claim of USA being different and great in its endeavor and thought patterns.

 This also brings a hop for the immigrants serving their who were under cloud following the trump campaigns for luring his local youth voters which in certain quarters specially in certain less exposed states of USA must have attributed him too.

However, the overall verdict of the people of USA invariably appears to show the support to Biden with an aspiring hopes for the better governance that can bring back hopes of the rebuilding and restructuring of the loosed grounds during trump governance and could perhaps now looked forward for the see change.

The changing scenario seems to be suggestive enough not only for the American stated or for the united states of America precisely but to appears addressing the distressed and shattered ambitions of Asians  specially Indians.

Joe Biden’s Indian links as have been appearing in the newspapers and as reported to be of his great grandfather being an employee of the East India Company and the roots of Kamala harries stated to be in the state of Tamilnadu might work well in the future to grow with for the better ties that can be speculated well.

Harris has very gracefully stated that she although is the first lady representing the state but might not be the last, the precedence that sets in might be a kind of harbinger for the women for the future positions and that is great.

 Change is always for better and that sounds so in the respect too.

- Sunil S Okhade

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