Changing gestures of China

The meetings between Indian and Chinese arms forces if are any indication for the normalcy at the border especially eastern ladakh  border then it’s  very satisfying and calls for concrete steps in view of combating the disturbances often created  by China.

Time has proved over the years that India is no less than China, be it economic or arms fronts.

China might project the might and invincibility of the chinese arms yet the evidence does not really are conclusive.

Indian army has been always facing the so-called chinese might and all kinds of conspiracies bravely so Indian army is better placed and trained evidently and remains victorious in adverse Himalayan challenges.

The changing gestures and approaches of this neighboring envious nation that always disguises as friend but in true sense is a foe now has perhaps seriously pondered over the current status and therefore its very assertion of complimenting the BRICS Meet in India for which his earlier exhibited reluctance now is washed out this seems after the troops disengagement in pangong area after the consensus during a meet of senior commanders of both the countries.

The changed cooperative gesture of China is with proper evaluation of India’s rising status in various fronts and the self-created image of invincibility of China goes haywire so circumstances speak of a different outcome.

Yet as is always advised China is not trustworthy so be cautious and vigilant of all her moves.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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