Confusions stymie developments

BHOPAL[ MAHAMEDIA]Deadlock between the government and the protesting farmer leaders still is on, nevertheless the agreement on two major demands of the farmer’s i.e. exclusions from penal provisions for setting fire on the stubbles and the electricity amendment Bill. However, the reluctance of the farmer’s leaders, notwithstanding these step forward has further worsen the status and thus stalemate continues to be. As reported now the further discussion may be held in a meet.The contention thus is further spearheaded with the focus on certain propagated beneficiary of the systems as claimed and instigated by few opposition for which the protesting farmers are falling prey with.Surprisingly message  in-between the lines, that is expected of to grasp by the farmers is to first evaluate the authenticity and the changing stand of those political parties that have now raised a flag of protest for the same reforms for which they themselves have once recommendations.Everyone and forum has right of putting forward the points for their interest and get the amendments done yet the insistence on roll back of the three laws without understanding the government’s concern for their own welfare and willingness to amend the demanded points with mutual understanding appears simply an effort of putting pressure to get the win over at any cost and not a visionary idea that foresees a better future.The concern for the government for the sake of the reforms initiations towards  the better of the farmers needs a thorough study of the same instead blindly refuting of the same under the influence of those who have advocated the same in the past a now creating ambiguity for the political gains.Need is to realize the same for the long term benefits of the farming community for whom all have regards and concern with their concerns.A step back perhaps for the good of all is prudent.

 Sunil S Okhade

- Sunil S Okhade

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