Congratulation President-elect Joe Biden

After the weeks long controversies that kept the USA Air tight, finally following the certification issued by the state of Michigan in favour of Joe Biden who won over the presidential election. Pennsylvania governor too certified and stamped the spectacular win of Joe Biden the president select.

Mr. Trump agreed for the smooth transition of power. Notwithstanding all the lawsuits of Trump that could not support any evidence of irregularities in the election as reported, finally he had to concede the transition.

The impasse for weeks at least could be restored for which the question marks were raised on very account of the trump attitude.

Joe Biden the President-elect off course is committed and also now aspiring for the diversity and democracy that is evident from his initiatives. His gender balanced proposed cabinet shall leave a positive mark for sure, because this appears to have equilibrium in the aspect of dynamic demography. Any ways the democratic elected president now is here once again to script for the better of the USA that is supported with the franchises of the people in his favour.

Deadlock is over for better and now irrespective of any obstacles that are likely to influence the scene for obvious reasons must be overlooked rather could be taken care off.

We can wish all the success to the President-elect Joe Biden for his transition to the new chair with his strategies that always could impact world politics for a variety of reasons.

The implications in USA in view of the policies for the immigrants has large effect on the people those are employed and deputed there for varied assignment by their respective employer which invariably is  attributed for the growth of America vis a vis for the concerned person and such immigrants from entire Asia and precisely from India are more  likely to have repercussions positive or negative either.

- Sunil S Okhade

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