Conjecture of West Bengal election

Due to variety of reasons Owaisi had to with draw from Bengal elections, more important reason was the Bangla speaking people of the community that has a reasonably good influence in the state politics. Considering, the fact Owaisi wished to have an alliance with the local parties that could probably make a good alliance yet the ambitions of Jamarul hussian who now wished to start its own chapter of Indian league in Bengal and thus the support that Owaisi was looking forward would have perhaps had an impact on the result of election in Bengal by means of influencing the performance of TMC.

So this appears to go in favor of TMC notwithstanding which, the TMC sources always have been claiming of no effect on TMCS vote bank through any party whomsoever it is/was.

The factors that play now across the Bengal in managing the elections equations thus have cantered between again towards BJP and TMC claiming respective reins to take up.

The sources have their own evaluations that even claim that BJP will have good performance and at the other hand the exit polls also envisages that as a CM Mamta  Banerjee has strong foothold and many may speculate now the sympathy wave towards her after the recent incidence yet people have faith in BJP for national politics however the local issues they wish to be handled with incumbent certain reports suggest.

Although the final say for any such speculations cannot be mentioned yet in the respect the conjecture states of the fifty -fifty  possibility for either party yet the recent changes in TMC has weakened the base of the party around the west Bengal this is also the submission.

With entry of BKU and its propagation mobilizing the local farmers and many other such factors with the full-fledged convincing of BJP basing the stalwart like Vijayvargiya who has off course has done well in his role since last few years as the head of Bengal politics from BJP yet this is going to be interesting to observe the politics of Bengal and the so called “paribartan” and khela in and around West Bengal.

Sharad Pawar the stalwart Maharashtra leader also has made a mention of his evaluation and almost made a declaration that BJP is going to hold majority in Assam yet West Bengal and other states that goes to poll BJP shall have better performance yet cannot reach to the chair.

How and when this will ensure the promised change and revolutions for Bengal this is off course the time shall answer yet the change is always for better they say whether this the party or the approach towards the work and attitude this applies to any party that accepts the reins of change in the west Bengal.

Let this change in which ever manner be auspicious for the West Bengal.

- Sunil S Okhade

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