Conjectures ahead of INDO US relations

Now that Joe Biden the president elect of the USA has taken the reins of the USA, questions that keep on lingering in the Indian mind are what we can look forward to after this change of Incumbent in the USA.

Circumstances have changed since past few years, even during Barack Obama time the very attraction towards India and preference shift from Pakistan to India of America was evident which continued over the years.

Changed global situations and facing of the terror attack has made America serious and thus the apparent casual attitude towards the terrorism has shifted to the serious issue for America for they also had to face the same. 

So now, with the change of governance there at USA the possible attributions and stand of Joe led USA is likely to be of centric towards India as could be speculated upon.

The trade ties with India must get a sharper look over china for the changed situations must bring that status. Similarly the role of Pakistan with Afghanistan in center and withdrawal of the troops might be causative of many moves.

China's status undoubtedly is going to make bigger reasons for trade to ascertain yet the role of Pakistan at the center stage might be usually ambiguous for the interventions of Afghanistan and exit of US troops remains the prime object perhaps may continue to be with the current president policies too.

The change in USA is likely to be in with the mixed priorities for Joe Biden so there appears an opportunity for him to clearly manage both the country yet the circumstances that globally could come up are probably more suggestive would be towards a mix approach for USA towards its inclinations towards china and Pakistan. 

China is in clear support with his vested interest with Pakistan and therefore it supports Pakistan in respect of Balochistan, POK and even Pakistan that shows concern for Kashmir issues remain silent on uigeer agonies and plight at china for that suits its international favors.

These are conjectures perhaps circumstantially but history has been always stating similar priorities even now that could impact global relations in the similar ways irrespective of the changing world scenarios.

Let’s hope for the best and time is the last answer to the moves till then these are the speculations only.                                                           

 Sunil S Okhade

- Sunil S Okhade

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