Constitutional Coup in Nepal

The protests against dissolving the assembly in Nepal is at its peak.

Actually, after the decided term of Olli the reigns were to be accepted by Prachand K Dahal yet sudden dissolution of parliament has disappointed and thus created a ruckus across the nation.

The opposition has described this act as a “Constitutional Coup” and seven members resigned in protest stating that the PM has no prerogative of dissolving the parliament and hence seeking stay from the apex court.

While this is also a serious matter to know that with certain recent incidents the contentions between both the nations have gone up.

Most of Nepal leaders blame  S Jai Shankar’s attitude for the same who during the  releasing of the new constitution  had certain unsolicited advice and actions at Kathmandu which had not gone well and were objected by the people in general and leaders in particular.

The circumstances therefore have started attracting people towards China and Pakistan.

The border disputes and Nepal’s attempt of showing certain Indian territories as Nepal in one of the MAP has been causative of tension between the two nations.

Madheshi issue and few trivial matters have been attributed to the changing ideology for India and Indians there in Nepal.

As such till now the status of only Hindu nation is being seriously and meticulously held by Nepal.  Indo- Nepal relations have always been that of friends even till date no passport is required for entry of either citizen in Nepal but with the influences now of Mao’s, the nation is striving to become a sovereign state that respects all the religion and thus this diversified ideology is an attempt to become a secular nation.

Certain sections of India and perhaps Nepal also do not wish that the only Hindu Nation Status of Nepal should be vanished.

The rising disappointments therefore have been making people change their thought process and of late two other neighboring countries are being looked at by Nepalese as the prospects for the future developing rapports.

Few celebrities of Nepal of different origin had a warm welcome and Nepalese are overwhelmed with the grand reception and in general hospitality exhibited by the Pakistan

However, the majority even today is of the opinion that India, Pakistan and Nepal along with China must strike similar friendly relationships for the overall development of the continent.

The solution perhaps may be worked up suitably and thus the dearest neighbor who shares many traditional and cultural similarities with belonging ness may be prevented from its diverting towards other nations.

- Sunil S Okhade

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