Controversial map of Nepal 

India has well done while it decided to hold no talks with the visiting Foreign Minister of Nepal pertaining to boundary issues.

This is known and strongly objected by India of the unilateral decision of PM Olli to issue the map showing Indian territories as Nepal state territory without even holding a bilateral talk concerning the same.

Although the Indian side wishes to restart the business with Nepal yet under the domestic circumstances that Nepal faces Indian side has already stated of its reluctance before the issue is stepped back by the Nepal government and states of its stand on the controversial inclusions of the territories and also exhibiting the same in the map of Nepal.

Need of the hour is certainly to emphasize upon the Indian protest in the context explicitly so as to make this crystal clear to neighbor that the Indian states has always been supportive to its neighbors and  immediately after swearing in the Indian PM preferred to first visit the neighbors in order to strengthen the rapports however the interest development between the Chinese, and indirect involvement of Pakistan in many border issues  and other related issues of the internal political decisions of Nepal coupled with the conflicting interest with India may not truly been read in the respect with clarity that even Nepal must realize and initiate upon.

India is under a cloud with China and Pakistan as well with the border issues for seemingly petty issues notwithstanding these the issues are of paramount importance for the national security and internal peace moreover in the interest of saving the border areas that rightfully belong to the nation.

So this is a prudent and correct step of making the correct understanding for mutual cooperation and relations whatsoever.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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